Beautiful female puppy available again

Our wonderful Regan’s Peak Auburn Affection – Aubry :

Ch Milas Temptation X Ashbury No One Else, date of born 27.03.2021.

Is available again and still looking for a forever home.

Aubry is a sweet well-balanced dog, the quite one of the litters. She is calm but has a determined character, she shows a good predisposition to play and to learn new things.

She has an elegant construction with a nice long neck, a full white collar and has the wonderful almond-shaped eyes from her father.

She took part to a socialization course, is regularly trained in basic education, in small nose works and prepared for the show.

She is looking for a family that knows how to offer her security and love and that makes her take part in sporting activities. Aubry gets along with everyone, she loves children, cats, and other pets.

She was socialized with Puppy Culture Program and weaned with raw meat, she received two courses of vaccines and rabies. She has a microchip and passport and has been tested for the major collie genetic diseases.

Aubry is clinically free of eye disease, CEA (pending), PRA + +, MDR1 + -. DM + + and IPD ++ .

Aubry will be sold only to expert of the breed after a cognitive meeting.

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Our Aubry has found her forever Home

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