Obedience Competition Arosa organized by Mosquidog

Obedience Arosa Mosquidog

Nanuk and I received excellent in class 1 with 296 points and placed first in front of nine teams with also the mention.

Nanuk’s daughter, Honey, faced her very first competition in the Beginners class at just over a year of age. Also, with her we got excellent with 268.50 points, and we placed ourselves in third place.

After almost two years of hesitation, last June Nanuk and I decided to tackle class 1.

It wasn’t easy after the puppies’ pause, finding the right mental condition to face a competition and we’ve been postponing the challenge for too long now.

The Arosa competition, organized by the Mosquidog club in Bottmingen BL, took traditionally place on the ground of the Hof Maran in Arosa, in a fairytale location at an altitude of almost 2000m; a spectacular view of the mountains, green pastures and ideal temperatures to work with dogs in the summer.

And the fine mountain air was good for the girls, as they both worked with commitment and concentration.

Below some moments of the two challenges, first with Honey then with Nanuk.

We thank our supporters Regan and Michele for accompanying us as well as the entire team of the Società Cinofila di Lugano for the support and encouragement without which we could not have done it.

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