Our puppies


Grow up around our family, our dogs and cats.

We breed versatile, active dogs which are suitable for agility, obedience and detection, but that will also make good show and therapy dogs.

  • Grow up around our family, our dogs and cats. Are raised using the Puppy Culture Method by Jane Killion, which allows them to unfold their whole potential through early neurological stimulation, exercises for mental resilience, early socialization, etc.
  • Remain at least 12 weeks with their mother and a babysitter dog. Are weaned with a biologically appropriate raw food diet.
  • Receive the best veterinary care and a microchip. The puppies will be handed over with a vaccination certificate, an official eye certification, the Swiss Collie Club (SCC/FCI) pedigree as well as the results of the most important genetic tests.
  • Have made several car rides and have used the public transportations. Have visited the city, the train station and a school. Are accustomed to leashes, the grooming table and are more or less housebroken.

We are expecting our A – litter at the end of March 2021.