Rothenthurm, 2 October 2021, Hayden passed the selection and Regan won Best Veteran at CAC.

Hayden, our American boy ( Aurealis Heaven’s Gate), presented by my daughter Corinna, got his breeding license and is now an official stud dog of the Swiss Collie Club.

02th october 2021


In the afternoon Hayden was exhibited at the CAC show (judge: Dr Martin König) by my daughter Corinna and got excellent 2nd place in the open class and got Res-CAC.

Our little Honey, “Regan’s Peak Aba Daba Honeymoon” got exc. 1 in the youngest class.

Her brother Aron, “Regan’s Peak All Shook Up” exhibited by his owner, Monika Inauen, got exc .2 in the youngest class.

Star of the day was Grandma Regan “Wicani Regal Entrance” who once more won the Veteran CAC with exc.1 and became Best Veteran.

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