The pregnancy is confirmed

Nanuk and Elvis’ puppies will be expected around the March 28th.

Elvis is, in our opinion, one of Europe’s most beautiful males. He is an import from the United States who lives in Denmark and we are infinitively grateful to his owner, Annemarie Hutters, Belrosa Collies, for letting us use Elvis as a sire. Her infinity courtesy, availability and professionalism made this dream union possible during these difficult times.

We are expecting the puppies to be energetic and joyful with an outgoing character like their parents.

The possible coat colors are sable, dark sable and tricolor. None of the puppies will be MDR1 (-/-) or DM/DM affected. The inbreeding coefficient of the litter will be equal to 0 back to many generations.

Nanuk is a well-balanced, active and sporty dog with a talent for obedience. We are expecting equally promising puppies from her that we intend to socialize in an accurate and intense manner following the protocols of the Puppy Culture program.

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It will be possible to visit the puppies by individual appointment starting from the 4th week. Priority will be given to those who are willing to continue our program and to those who intend to undertake any activity with one of our puppies, be it sports (agility, obedience, mantrailing, etc.), service or an exhibition career.

The litter will be tested at around 8 weeks according to Pat Hastings’ puppy puzzle method to determine the individual aptitudes and to determine the best type of home for each puppy.

They will be entrusted to their potential owners after 12 weeks with a long-term contract that provides assistance and support throughout their whole life.

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